Issue 04: Vacay Mode ON

Issue 04: Vacay Mode ON


And, I'm off...

Whether you vacay or stay-cay, take some time for yourself this summer!

Who knows that feeling when you're counting down the weeks to a trip and then it gets here and you're like, "Sh*t, I have so much to do before I leave!" As an entrepreneur, sometimes planning for a break (and catching up when you're back) is as much of a job as the work itself. But it's SO worth it.

Next week, I'm headed off to upstate New York to see one of my favorite bands + get away from the city. Much as I love DC, it's necessary for my soul to have a change of scenery. Even if you can't make it out of town this summer, I hope you give yourself a staycation break. This is your reminder that no worlds will end if you don't post + scroll through Insta for a few days. Take advantage of the slower pace this time of year: log off of social media, put your email on vacation mode, and do something for yourself!

While I'm away, we're pressing pause on our IG and skipping the newsletter next week. Full disclosure: I am kinda doing some work, tho. I gave myself one admin/work task to complete each day I'm out. You know, those annoying to-do list things that pile up and I never want to do. I feel okay with this use of work-vacay balance... we'll see how it goes.

In the meantime, get your CollabCreate fix by answering our new Question of the Week below for a chance to be featured in the next issue + catching up on the newsletter archives just added to our site.

Take time to take care of you... you deserve it!

Elle VanDyne, Community Creatrix
i'll be sleeping in forever, thanks | @leahbeilhart 

things to read at the beach that kinda count as work

Have you heard of niksen? It's a Dutch concept for stress-reduction practice, and this article on The Case for Doing Nothing lays out the benefits - even for those of us who ALWAYS have something "to do."

Don't just take our word for it - experts agree that taking time off is crucial for success. Read advice from top entrepreneurs about how to take a break without breaking your business.

Sometimes getting out of town for a day is enough to reset and recharge. This list of the 5 Best Short Weekend Getaways from DC shares a few local-ish spots to inspire your staycation.

Can't get away? Simply switching your phone to Do Not Disturb mode can give you a brain break. Learn how this author hacked her phone's settings to buy herself some quiet time.
local podcast

what we're listening to on vacay...

We just learned about this local podcast by artist Erin Williams and all it took was a scroll through her guest list to get us excited. We bet you'll know at least a few of her guests from the DC art scene, like Nicole Capo Martinez, Linny Giffin, Lenora Yerkes, and Maggie O'Neill. Plus so many other inspirational artists from around the country!

Launched in late 2018, Erin interviews female visual artists about their work + processes. Download the episodes to listen to poolside or on the road - and prepare to be inspired! Check out In Which I Talk to Artists on iTunes, also available on Soundcloud + Spotify.

some recent features from the 'Gram...

From Suits to Pics

We interviewed DC multipreneur (yup, that's a word) Anthony Bolognese about launching + running two successful businesses, and collaboration in the DC creative community.

Find out how he does it all...

Work Wives Club Launch

We're super-psyched to announce a new monthly meetup from CollabCreate called "Work Wives Club." Created for boss ladies who want to connect + be productive in a supportive space with other creative entrepreneurs.

Find out more + join us!

can't get away? help start a new country instead!

Showupia: building a new virtual country

From Sam Bonar, Showupia Founder...
With all our lives online, we can't tell the difference between real and virtual anymore. If it's not online, it's not real. So let's make the realest thing we can: a virtual country from scratch! 

We're starting to build Showupia: a virtual nation where you're in power. It's a phone game that lets you connect face-to-face and capture politicians like Pokémon. To test the game this fall and invest in community ownership, join our crowdfunding campaign through IndieGoGo.

How do you prepare for time off as an entrepreneur?

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