Issue 07: Lessons in Waiting

Issue 07: Lessons in Waiting


Lessons in Waiting

Or: how I learned the hard way to not schedule events in August.

This summer has been full of unexpected + exciting developments for CollabCreate, as well as some setbacks. As I reflect on next steps, it occurs to me that the best things to come out of this summer were the ones that I had little to do with initiating. The things that haven't gone as well as I hoped are the things that I pushed too hard to try and make happen.

Recently, I started learning about Human Design. If you haven't heard of it, it's a system for understanding ourselves based on a combination of principles from I Ching, astrology, Kabbalah, the Hindu-Brahmin chakra system, and quantum physics. I know, it's pretty woo, but it's wildly on point for me.

One thing I've learned is that I need to spend more time sitting with ideas + plans before committing to them. There are SO MANY THINGS I want to do, and ideas that I have, and people I want to collaborate with... but when I say YES! to stuff in the moment without pausing first, the results are usually not what I imagined.

My "type" (a Manifesting Generator) is advised to respond to things by waiting, feeling our reaction, and testing it out before jumping in with both feet. Otherwise, we risk wasting valuable energy, potentially having to do a major course-correct or redoing things we thought were done.

I gotta tell ya, this is me to a T. I get so in the moment of feeling the potential energy of something that I jump in and start DOING, figuring it out along the way. Although this works sometimes, it often leads to frustration, wasting time, and frequently questioning WTF I'm doing. Anyone else relate?

So, I'm working on it by relishing the Pause. New idea? New collaboration? New resource to offer? Great. Write it down. Sit with it. Wait for things to start showing up that confirm my feelings about it, or that show me it's not right for now.

Human Design theories aside, I think this is a lesson many of us can use. As creatives + entrepreneurs, we're driven by our passions and trying to do so much at once. Let's start reserving our powers for the things that really click, that are "meant to be" because they call to us long after the thrill of the inspiration is over.

It'll be worth the wait.

Elle VanDyne, Community Creatrix
P.S. About those August events - due to half the town being out on vacay this month, we've decided to postpone Work Wives Club (new date TBD) and the #Hashtag Happy Hour (Sept 5 - tix here) - stay tuned for details!
Practicing patiently waiting | from DMV photographer @depicther_perfect

what you'll find in my browser tabs this week...

Who else hates thinking about their elevator pitch? Me, too. But I'm facing my fears about having to sum up everything I do in 30 seconds or less because it's so key to networking + growing business. I found this listicle of Top 25 Elevator Pitch Tips super-helpful in thinking about what I want to say.

As we close in on the end of summer and I work on integrating my lessons in waiting, I'm thinking about how to structure my time this fall. These takeaways from a Harvard study on how CEOs manage their time offer some great points to incorporate in your scheduling practice.

If you're curious about Human Design, learn more: get your free chart at, then visit Interior Creature's Human Design guide and dive in. (H/t to Alice of Woo Woo Co for turning me on to this!)

exciting new things from the community...

Ongoing Retail Pop-up

We're partnering with a co-retail space in downtown DC to bring in new vendors to the shop! If you're a local brand, we want you to join us.

Brands can pop-up for a day, a week, or months at time. With lots of flexible options, plus great foot traffic at the store, this is a super opportunity to grow your business.

Share this with your favorite local brand, or send me an email to learn more.

Get in touch to get the deets

ways to grow, connect + collaborate...

The Balanced Entrepreneur

Join therapist + entrepreneur Davia Roberts at this event created for black women entrepreneurs. By blending conversation, yoga, and meditation, attendees will experience a non-judgmental community of sisters for support + honest talk about the realities of entrepreneurship as a black woman.

Saturday, September 7 | 10 am - 12 pm | DC

Learn more + get your tix!

Lunar Enlightenment Series with Capital Coven

On the night before the August Full Moon, come explore the topic of Dreamweaving: Using Your Dreams to Unlock Your Subconscious with the Capital Coven. You'll be activated in this fantastic community of women gathering to discuss and learn about the magic of dream-time.

Wednesday, August 14 | 7-9 PM | Bloombar DC

Come explore the world of dreams!

Women's History Scavenger Hunt

Game Genius is a DC-based organization that leverages games for social good. From August to October, they're partnering with the National Women's History Museum and organizing a treasure hunt in DC! This Treasure Hunt is in recognition of the 100th year of the suffrage movement. All funds raised will be donated to the National Women’s History Museum.

August 1 - October 31 | Play the hunt online or on race weekends in DC!

Join them for Part 1 and get your clues for the next chapter!

each week, I'm featuring a DC, woman-owned brand that I love.
not #sponsored, but if you have a product you'd like me to try - hit me up!
You've no doubt heard all the commotion about moisturizing + cleansing with oils. I was skeptical at first because it went against everything I learned about skincare growing up, but now it's one of my fave self-care routines!

I adore the "Hannah" hair + facial oil from Red Dirt Natural, expertly blended by DC-based maker Whitney Teal. She makes every batch by hand with premium natural ingredients. And I love that each of her products are named after a beloved family member.

If you've been curious about facial oils, this is the place to start - plus, you're shopping local and supporting a black woman-owned business! I've used it as a cleanser, as a scalp treatment, and as a bedtime moisturizer... pair it with a gua sha stone for the ultimate at-home facial. You'll thank me.
Shop Red Dirt
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